The good works of Redeemer Lutheran

Food Pantry Ministry

The Pantry has been serving the community since December 1999 and continues to be a trusted source of providing a wide variety of food items for the local community as well as people as far south as Hollywood and as far north as West Palm Beach.   Redeemer serves a community with many who are food insecure, being unable to readily access government programs.  The pantry is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers who source, pack and deliver food to approximately 250 families weekly.  There is no charge for food but donations are welcomed.

Youth/Children's Ministry

Children and youth are at the center of the ministry of Redeemer.  Our worship is  inter-generational, so everyone participates and shares in worship services.  Everyone has an important role, and everyone is given a place of prominence in leading and celebrating worship on Sundays and at every event.  Children and youth know their participation is as important as any other persons and adults know that the church provides a great source of learning and skill building to children from an early age.

A wide variety of activities are provided for children and youth of all ages.  Fridays has always been the most exciting day of the week because from 6 p.m to 10 p.m.  the place is teeming with activity.  This is the time and place where friends gather ,to compare notes, reflect on the week’s joys and sorrows and find an open place  to share and receive affirmation  or comfort as appropriate.  The ministry has various components:


Music Ministry
A skilled music teacher guides, students in learning to play the instrument of student’s choice. Participants are motivated by the potential to practice their craft and give live performances in the worship service and at church functions  There is no cost to participants, and all are welcomed to participate.

Dance Ministry
Redeemer Dancers have been thrilling audiences in Broward County for many years.  Rehearsals are a joyful time of conquering dance moves, learning choreography and the art of working with others to create a dance they can be proud of.  They typically rehearse once per week, but the number of rehearsals may increase when they are preparing for an event.  No cost for participation but participants may have to contribute to the cost of uniforms.



Small Group Ministries


Groups gather weekly for fellowship, Bible Studies and prayer.  One of the main delights is visiting sick and shut-ins for worship, fellowship and celebrating holy communion.